Let’s Talk Lingerie: Gia Thong & Kingston Thong

My first makes towards my #letstalklingerie efforts are complete!

In my last post, I lamented the sad state of my lingerie and nightwear collection and proposed a plan for building a feminine collection that makes me feel empowered (I made it!) and sexy (you’re welcome, husband!).

I decided to tackle panties first, specifically, thongs. I know many of you readers may groan in horror at the sheer thought of a thong, but I wear them all the time. I blame my college experience. My sorority house was gripped with crippling pantyline-fears and thong underwear is a sure way to avoid the horrors of a visible pantyline. Since becoming a thong underwear devotee, I find it difficult to wear fuller coverage panties during the day. There. Is. So. Much. Fabric. And it moves. Everywhere. All day. It drives me nuts.

Kingston Thong by Orange Lingerie

My panty sewing adventures started with Orange Lingerie’s Kingston. I’ve made this pattern once before, but sewed up a size too small and it was super uncomfortable. The last time I sewed it, I used my waist measurement to select my size (29 inches). I’m not sure what I was thinking. The widest point of my hip is substantially wider than my waist (40 inches). Since the Kingston sits more on the hip than the waist, I should have used my hip measurement to select my size. This time, I used my hip measurement and the fit is soooo much better.

I sewed a size large and made no adjustments.


I utilized materials left over from a bra making kit I bought from Tailor Made Shop. I’ve ordered several kits from this online store and been very pleased with the quality of the materials. I purchased the kit to make a Marlborough bra (see photo below) and had enough materials left over to create these panties to match.


My Kingston was road tested earlier this week and scored well. Here’s the breakdown using my made up and completely subjective categories:

Fit: A-

It’s close to perfect. I need a little more room across the hip. I have debated going up a size, but, based on my measurements and the measurements of the XL pattern pieces, it will be too big. For my next one, I’ll just add a little to the length to the side bands.

Stays in Place: A

Yes! No shifting issues to report.

Appearance: B

When not on me, it’s sexy and looks expensive. The construction methods result in a polished and professional panty that I would expect to pay quite a bit for in a lingerie store.

When on me, the side bands dig into my hips a bit on account of being too short for me. The result is a strange, and thankfully very small, thong-strap muffin top. It definitely could be better.

Overall score: A- 

I’m 100% sure I will make this again with a side strap adjustment to add a little length. I have high hopes the re-sew will be a perfect fit.

Gia Thong by Ohhh Lulu

Next, I sewed up the Gia Thong by Ohhh Lulu. I really like the fact this pattern calls for knit fabric. For my panty, I used some ivory jersey left over from a Burda wrap top I made over a year ago. The fabric is very soft- a fine knit- and on the sheer side. I used some more of the lace that came with my Tailor Made Shop kit and black fold over elastic. The elastic is a little stiffer than I would like. Unfortunately, I can’t remember where I bought it!

Again, I used my hip measurement to select my size and sewed up a size large. I made no adjustments.



Here’s the scorecard:

Fit: C

It’s too big. Gaping around my hips too big. I was careful to cut the elastic around the waist an inch shorter than the waist length, so I don’t think the root cause is an error on my part. Next time, I will shorten the length of the lace side panels by at least an inch. I am worried that if I go down a size, the front coverage will appear too skimpy.

Stays in Place: ?

Too big to tell!

Appearance: B-

When not on me, it looks like something I would pay at least $15 for in Victoria’s Secret. The knit and fold over elastic aren’t as luxurious as the mesh used by the Kingston. It is, however, a great way to use some pretty knit scraps.

When on me, it gapes along the waist. It’s not so big that I feel it’s falling off, but it’s not the fit for which I’m aiming. I’ll keep it in rotation for those days when I’m feeling bloated…

Overall score: B-

I’m disappointed in the fit on this panty. I do like the fact knit scraps can be used. I also like the fact the side panels can be made of knit or lace, giving lots of design options. I’ll try this one again, but with substantial length out of the side panels.

Concluding Thoughts


Neither panty is a perfect fit, but I don’t think seeking a perfect fit in a pattern straight out of the envelope (or in this case from a PDF) is realistic. My waist and hip measurements are not standard in proportion, so I expect to make adjustments to achieve the fit I want. I think that with adjustments, both panties will fit really well.

In the coming days, I intend to remake both patterns with my fit adjustments. I will report back here.

In the meantime, check out the gorgeous websites and IG feeds of Orange Lingerie and Ohhh Lulu. Both offer up a lot of sewing inspiration.

If sewing your own lingerie isn’t your thing, Ohhh Lulu sells panties sewn based on her patterns through Etsy.  I haven’t purchased any from her yet, but they all look beautiful. I’m sure if you sent her your measurements, they’d be a great fit!

Happy Sewing!



PS: In the photo at the top of this post, I am wearing a Sewaholic Pendrell Blouse I made ages ago in a satin-like material purchased from Joann Fabrics.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Lingerie: Gia Thong & Kingston Thong

  1. Really great post! They both look super elegant. I’ve wanted to try sewing lingerie for a while and just bought two of the Madalynne Simplicity patterns so I’ll be following your efforts and hopefully Ill pick up some tips!


    1. Thanks! Which Madalynne patterns did you pick up? I still have to go purchase the one I want to try and I haven’t seen much online about people’s experiences sewing them up, so we’ll see! Let me know how it goes if you get to them before me!


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