Let’s Talk Lingerie: Refining Fit and Discovering I Love Pink Lace

Over on Instagram, #Braugust2017 is filling my feed with daily lingerie loveliness. The month of bra and pantie sewing on IG couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Just last month, I launched my #letstalklingerie efforts and #braugust has made kept me on track and motivated to keep sewing bras and panties.


Refining Fit: The Kingston Thong

In my last lingerie post, the Kingston Thong by Orange Lingerie earned a A- score due to fitting a little bit too tight across my hips. Before making my latest versions, I cut the pattern piece for the side panel in the center. I spread the two halves of the pattern piece apart by 1/2 inch. Then, I filled in the empty space between the two halves with some swiss tracing paper. The added inch (1/2 inch on each side panel) perfected the fit. The Kingston Thong is now a A+ pattern for me!

My first perfect Kingston Thong was made to match an Orange Lingerie Marlborough Bra that I made a few months back. I had enough extra material in the kit I ordered from Tailor Made Shop to squeeze out a matching thong.



The second perfect Kingston Thong matches my new pink Marlborough Bra.


I Love Pink Lace!

This is my third and favorite Marlborough. The fit couldn’t be better and I am in love with this pink lace. Shockingly, this is the first pink bra I’ve ever owned! I now want to sew with all the pink laces. All of them! If you know of an amazing pink stretch lace for sale, let me know. I am officially obsessed!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABras sew up quickly and this one only took a few hours over the weekend. Sewing my own bras has heightened my awareness of proper fit. A few days ago, I put on a Victoria’s Secret bra I bought before I learned to sew my own and promptly tossed it into the trash. When compared to my handmade bras, the fit was really poor. I’m afraid sewing my own lingerie has ruined me for RTW.


What’s Next?

I have a Gia thong by Ohhh Lulu and a pair of Esme panties by Evie la Luve cut and ready to be sewn. They aren’t done yet because I ran out of fold over elastic. Oops!  I’ve ordered more from Tailor Made Shop and it should be here soon so I can continue sewing. I’m also thinking I should sew up another Marlborough Bra. I have some beautiful laces waiting to be sewn- maybe this coming weekend?

Have you been participating in #braugust2017? Know of any great pink stretch lace?

Happy Sewing!


5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Lingerie: Refining Fit and Discovering I Love Pink Lace

  1. I love all of these! As for pink lingerie lace, I’m sure you know to keep your eye on tailormadeshop – also bramakers supply and blackbird fabrics (if you are willing to pay the incredible postage – sometimes I am). Have a great sewing weekend! Hopefully, I’ll be sewing right along with you.


    1. I am one of those crazies who order from Tailor Made as soon as I see her post new things on IG, but I never think to check Blackbird Fabrics- I agree, sometimes the postage is worth it. Enjoy your sewing this weekend!


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