With sewing machine
Hanging out in my sewing space.

About the blog name

“Did you make that?”

“Yup, it’s an Abbas Original!”

Spend any significant amount of time with me and you learn that I’m crazy about sewing. I am known for asking coworkers about the construction of their clothing (“Where do those seams meet?”) and staring a bit too hard at strategic fabric gathers in a garment. Friends and coworkers will often ask if I made the blouse/pants/skirt/dress that I am wearing and, as a joke, I started referring to my me-made garments as “originals.” Students and coworkers added my last name and a moniker was born.

Why I blog

I started this blog in 2017 as a way to increase my participation in the online sewing community. When I first started sewing, I began a blog, but it was short lived. I didn’t feel that my knowledge was extensive enough to say much about the patterns or fabric I was using. Also, since my skills were new, the finished garments didn’t fit particularly well. I soon realized my comments were generally unhelpful for readers and took down the blog. Several years later, my skills are much improved and I feel that my insights might be helpful to other sewists.

About me

I have been sewing for six years and am completely obsessed. I started sewing when my then-boyfriend (now my husband) moved out of state for a new job. The arrangement was temporary, but I was a mess without him. I was a full-time graduate student and, in his absence, I started working 24/7. Falling asleep at my computer became a habit and I found that I didn’t have a way to unplug and unwind. I decided I needed a hobby.

I’d always wanted to learn how to sew, so I enlisted the help of a friend and bought my first sewing machine at my local Joann’s store. I worked my way through a Craftsy class, Sewing with Knits, and discovered Tilly’s patterns. Sewing quickly became my absolute favorite thing to do. A strong coffee (or cocktail, depending on the time of day), luscious fabric, and a sewing machine are my perfect recipe for relaxation.

Although I started sewing as a way to relax, I have found it to be incredibly empowering. I can wear what I want, how I want, when I want because I can sew. I can make garments I couldn’t afford to purchase as Ready-to-Wear. Ultimately, sewing gives me complete control of how I present myself to the world and I think that’s AMAZING.