Three Reasons I Love to Teach Sewing Classes

A month or so back, the owner of Three Little Birds, a sewing store and studio in Hyattsville, MD, and I first met via Instagram. This online meeting resulted in my stopping into the store to do a bit of fabric shopping. An offer to teach lingerie sewing classes was extended and I excitedly agreed.

Three lingerie sewing classes, Perfect Panties, were scheduled. So far, I have taught two of the three classes and enjoyed them so much!

Class in-progress!

Professionally, I am a teacher. I have been working in education at various levels (middle school, high school, and university) and have held many different roles (teacher, literacy coach, school administrator, and district administrator) since 2004. A year ago I earned a Ph.D. in secondary literacy. I literally ate, slept, and breathed education while I worked on my degree. It was grueling and wonderful. Ultimately, I adore working with students and am the best version of myself when I am teaching. Simply put, education is my jam.

While teaching sewing isn’t the exact same thing as teaching secondary or university classes, there are a lot of similarities. For example, the basics of teaching remain the same. Directions must be clear and sequential. Students should be supported to success and a job well done should be celebrated. In some ways, it is even better than teaching in a traditional classroom. No one is forced to take my class, so there isn’t any grumbling or snarky comments. I also don’t have to manage any errant adolescent behaviors (spitballs, thrown pencils, curse words, etc.).


Pantie making wonderfulness in full swing!
Pinning the tricky crotch seam for sewing

Reflecting on what makes teaching sewing so enjoyable, I identified three reasons why I love teaching sewing:

  1. Everyone taking the class has a growth mindset. They are hungry to learn something new and excited about their learning. I find this really energizing.
  2. Nothing is graded. In Perfect Panties, everyone gets an A+! Sewing with stretch fabrics and elastics for the first time is hard. The first pair of panties I created certainly wasn’t perfect and my students’ aren’t either, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t perfectly wonderful! They are the first in a hopefully long line of successful panty makes that will become more professional looking with patience and practice. Victoria Secret can eat her heart out.
  3. I get to empower women. Lingerie retailers like the one mentioned above sell panties for tiny bums while many high end brands price out the average woman. $100 panties, anyone? By learning to make your own, you take control. You can make panties out of luxury materials that fit your bum perfectly for a fraction of the cost of high end RTW. I don’t think it gets more empowering than that!

I can’t wait to teach my next class. It promises to be a fantastic learning experience!


If you live in the D.C. metro area and are interested in joining us, class will be held on Sunday, October 22 at 11:00am at Three Little Birds Sewing Company. Click here for their website to register.